Economic Development Tourism Advisory Board

  • Gene Umbarger
  • John Muldoon
Economic Development Advisory Board Tourism Subcommittee
  • Lauri L. Altman
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald
  • Trish Heidenreich
  • Steve Johnson
  • Meghan McDonough
  • Monica Worrell
Food & Beverage
  • Bridget Lloyd

Harford County Chamber of Commerce
  • Pam Klahr
  • Timothy Engle
  • Roxanne Harry
  • Patricia Parker
Parks & Recreation
  • Craig Lanphear
  • Glenn W. Valis
About the Board
All members shall serve a term contemporaneous with that of the County Executive. Each board member shall serve for a term of 4 years and, at the end of the member's term, shall serve until a successor is confirmed by the County Council. The County Executive may reappoint a member, but members may not serve more than 2 consecutive 4-year terms. Members serve with no salary and may only receive compensation from the board for reasonable travel related expenses.

The 16 member board shall represent each of the following tourism industries:
  • 6 representatives from the membership of the Harford County Economic Development Advisory Board's Tourism Subcommittee
  • 3 representatives from the local hotelier industry; a representative nominated by the Harford County Chamber of Commerce; 1 representative from the local athletic or sports industry
  • 1 representative from the local food and beverage industry
  • 1 representative from the local entertainment attractions
  • 1 representative from a local museum; a representative from the local parks and recreation industry
  • 1 representative from the Economic Development Agriculture Advisory Board
The Board shall guide and advise the tourism manager on the development and implementation of the county's annual tourism marketing plan. The Board shall advise the tourism manager on issues related to their respective industry segment or tourism issues at large.

The Board shall be an advocate for the county's Tourism program in the Harford County Community. The Board shall submit a report to the director of economic development annually on its accomplishments and goals. For more information, please call Winifred Roche at 410-638-3059.